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kud-dobrec.si ensures the timely delivery of global taxes. Best quality service! Delivery time usually takes about 3-7 business days. The order will be sent within 48 hours of sending the order. Our customer service sends an e-mail address that contains the tracking number. If you have not received any information about your order, please contact customer service. We check.

Orders may be delayed because:
1. "Bill" and "address ship" are not the same.
2. The product is out of stock.
The order is awaiting credit approval and verification.

Return to politics
As a wholesaler and retailer, our business is to maintain long-term business relationships with our customers.
I hope you understand that we can not accept exchanges or credits for the following reasons:
Submission error
2. Damaged items
Unsatisfactory (see details)

When it comes to "dissatisfaction", we allow three days to change size or change other styles, do not forget that if you want to change size or different colors, please email us your name and order number. If other products exceed the higher price, Western Union will pay a fee and additional charges. If your credit card returns objects, shipping charges, reimbursement fees, and non-refundable 15% credit card payments.

Cancel Political Control To cancel your order, contact us within 6 hours after our customer service, do not send it before the item. Unfortunately, we can not cancel the order. Thank you for your understanding. If you are requesting to cancel your order, follow the return policy. The hotel will credit 15% credit card payments on non-refundable credit cards.

Note: 1. All returns must be kept worn, replaceable or washable in their original state, all the labels are affixed.
2. When you receive the product, please contact us within 3 days of customer service.

Hope we can understand each other. If you have any questions, send us an email and participate in all matters and we will work together to solve the problem.

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